Nimbus FlowLogix ™

A true first to market application, FlowLogix™ allows you to build complex flows for your campaigns with a few simple clicks. Easily integrate automation triggers for SMS, Voice, and Email Broadcast to scale your business and drive maximum ROI.
Building complex flows is easy and completed in a few clicks – FlowLogix™ is backed by powerful carrier API’s to strengthen deliverability and consistency.


Make Communication Happen!

SMS (Text Messaging), Voice (IVR), Ringless Voicemail (RVM), Email Broadcast and More!

Curate communication that speaks to your customers and take your interactions to the next level with FlowLogix™.

Create unlimited automation triggers based on user behavior to deliver your next message. Triggers can be words, actions, clicks, or more!


Attract more customers & opportunities
From your first interaction, allow new customers to engage with your brand through consistent communication that generates leads. Turn leads into conversions, by connecting your customer to your brand more deeply, more often and on more channels.


Keep your customers delighted & engaged
Are you building lasting relationship with your customers through brand loyalty? Provide your customers what they want, when they want it on the channel they ask for. Nimbus is the only omnichannel communication platform that allows you to communication seamlessly on any platform!


Grow your business with real-time data
Leverage real time data to understand your customers’ behavior by segmenting performance-based results on specific communication channels. By continually monitoring campaign performance, you may identify more opportunities that will drive maximum ROI for your firm.

Fueled by Omnichannel Communications

Unleash the power of voice, email and text through our easy-to-use custom platform that drives sales to your business.

More Control = Success!

Custom Management

Easily manage the delivery of your messages by controlling send rates, content rotation, and custom content. All this can be done with just a few clicks.

Dynamic Variables

Leverage dynamic variables in messages that are delivered to your customers. Control these variables through custom content and data that is specific to each lead.

Best-In-Class Reporting

Understand the results of your campaign with best-in-class campaign reports. Make informed decisions based on the health of your campaigns with real time feedback.

Nimbus Managed Service

White Glove Service

Not enough hours in the day? Let our Nimbus Team manage your entire marketing and communication process for you. Our Nimbus Experts will craft and distribute a custom campaign that suits the needs of your business tailored to your vertical. Our campaigns manage Voicebroadcasts, Ringless Voicemail, Text Messages and Emails to automate your marketing and increase leads. Contact our team today for a customized Demo!

Our Clients

Our clients are everyone with the need to reach customers across multiple channels. Our clients utilize our customer engagement flow and automation to grow their reach, some use cases include:

Call Centers

Call Centers and businesses who advertise through SMS, Voice and email to attract new customers.

Lead Generators

Lead Generators, Affiliates and Publishers improve efficiency and save time with FlowLogix™ automation.

Software Applications

Drive more engagement and sales by connecting a Web or Mobile app to the Nimbus API.

Why Choose Nimbus?

Nimbus is the first to market true Omnichannel communication platform that includes the SMS, Voice, and Email.

Save yourself time and trouble

Don’t waste time with poorly designed marketing platforms that will cost you in the end. You deserve a marketing platform that was built with you in mind.


API’s and Real Time Data – We have you covered!


Compliance and best practices already integrated.


Dynamic and responsive support available 24/7.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing is largely decided based on volume commitments. While pricing is 1 factor you should use to determine an ideal platform for your company, there are also other considerations such as ease of use and effectiveness. Please schedule a demo today and learn why Nimbus is so far beyond our competitors.

Each client of Nimbus will be assigned a client success manager with almost immediate access 24/7. Simply put, we have some of the most aggressive client success managers in the industry.

Typically, only a few minutes, however we do require all new clients to submit a demo request so that one of our highly trained sales agents can better assist you.

We definitely want to hear from you! Please reach out to your client success manager and let them know about any new feature that would make your life easier.

Show Me the Demo Today!

We would welcome the opportunity to answer any of your questions. Launch your first campaign today!