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#42 web_director does not gracefully handle when a backend refuses a connection database defect alan assigned 09/04/12
#57 Investigate the use of large integers in JSON responses web server defect somebody new 09/27/12
#67 Continue implementation of segment visibility subsystem database defect alan assigned 12/12/12
#68 Add buffering to web_public_reader's internal retriever requests web server defect alan assigned 12/22/12
#70 Data writer causes "already a transaction in progress" warning in the PostgreSQL log data_writer defect alan assigned 12/28/12
#76 Add Request Trace Logging to Every Nimbus.io service web_director defect alan assigned 01/20/13
#82 error retrieving slices retrieve_source defect alan assigned 06/25/13
#83 retrieve_source returns too many segments for slice retrieve_source defect alan assigned 06/26/13
#84 web_public_reader computes incorrect slice offset for short block web server defect alan assigned 06/27/13
#85 web_public_reader block count error web server defect alan assigned 07/01/13
#22 Separate database users for lower privilege access controls (users w/o write access, etc.) database defect somebody new 07/26/12
#75 Make Motoboto Unit Tests Use Unique Collection Names for Every Test Run motoboto defect alan assigned 01/17/13
#80 Implement immediately consistent HEAD, GET features web_director defect alan new 03/11/13
#81 Investigate and resolve potential false positivies in motoboto_benchmark motoboto defect dougfort new 03/23/13
#86 defragger aborts on missing file garbage collection defect alan new 07/03/13
#4 verify file retrieves in benchmark web server enhancement alan assigned 02/17/12
#51 Implement GET JSON for a collection web server enhancement dougfort assigned 09/13/12
#60 nimbus command language (NCL) motoboto enhancement dougfort accepted 10/09/12
#61 Built a Test to Simulate Aborting Client Uploads tests enhancement alan assigned 10/11/12
#64 Implement Operational Stats Accumulation web server enhancement alan assigned 11/26/12
#65 Collect and Flush Stats from Redis on Storage Nodes to Central DB database enhancement alan assigned 11/28/12
#66 Include operational stats in API queries for space usage web server enhancement alan assigned 11/28/12
#69 Protection in Web Writer from Slow Uploads web server enhancement alan assigned 12/27/12
#77 Build Minimal Python Twisted Streaming Client for Nimbus.io client libraries enhancement alan assigned 01/29/13
#87 refactor data writer in zeromq and python 3 data_writer enhancement alan assigned 09/21/13
#21 Make retrieve_source process requests available from disk cache faster retrieve_source enhancement somebody new 07/26/12
#26 Update event_publisher to Python3 event system enhancement new 08/08/12
#41 Refactor Handoff Server from Timer Queue to gevent handoff_server enhancement alan assigned 08/28/12
#58 Version the API web server enhancement somebody new 09/28/12
#59 make event_subscriber a service event system enhancement alan assigned 10/07/12
#53 Use JSON instead of query string parameters for the REST API web server task alan new 09/18/12
#79 Migrate nimbus.io and associated git repositories to GitHub central_cache_update task chip assigned 03/01/13
#19 sandwich varnish-cache between web pub reader and internal reader web server web split task alan accepted 07/26/12
#20 Make web director pick destination storage nodes via key hashing web server web split task somebody new 07/26/12
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